Why the most luxurious villas are in Mykonos

When it comes to choosing a destination for a summer vacation in Greece or any other place for that matter, most people seem to not only want to spend their time in a beautiful time, but to also stay there in luxury for the duration of their vacation. Greece has always been a popular destination for summer vacations due to its amazing weather and of course its world-famous beaches. Nowadays however, this tiny country is also very popular with tourists and visitors looking to spend their summer vacation in ridiculous luxury.

Greece is home to many luxurious villas, which is what makes it a favorite destination for luxury-seeking tourists. There is however one place in Greece that manages to stand out when it comes to luxury and that place is none other than the island of Mykonos. This small island in the Aegean Sea is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, but what makes it so special? Why are the more luxurious villas there? Let’s find out!

The playground of the rich and the famous

What sets Mykonos apart from other Greek islands is the fact that not only does it manage to attract thousands of visitors each year, but many of them also happen to be celebrities. Mykonos has always been a popular destination for Greek celebrities and rich businessmen but now it has become the island of choice of Victoria’s Secret angels, famous European football players, Kardashians and Hollywood superstars. It goes without saying then that with tourists of such “caliber” arriving on the island each summer luxury is the name of the game, which is why there are literally hundreds of luxurious villas on Mykonos. Those villas are not available only to superstars and millionaires, so it is quite possible that you could be staying next door to a celebrity during your Mykonos villa vacation! When people are searching for Mykonos villas for rent, taking into account that a celebrity had stayed in the particular villa can entice them to book the exact same villa.

Exclusive clubs and restaurants

Like we said earlier, Mykonos is all about living large and having a good time away from the worries of one’s everyday life. Mykonos is known as being a “party island” and in fact, it is one of the most famous destinations for partying during the summer in Europe along with the island of Ibiza. Some of Europe’s most famous and exclusive clubs can be found there. If one is not the clubbing type, however, then Mykonos won’t disappoint them! The island is home to very exclusive restaurants run by world-class chefs, many of whom are actually celebrities. Villa owners and property management agencies also help their clients book tables in those exclusive establishments.

The favorite island of Greek millionaires

Greece may be coming out of a very bad financial crisis but things weren’t always so bad for the Greeks. Most of the richest persons in Greece have invested in properties in Mykonos and they have spared no expense when it came to designing and furnishing the luscious villas that they were building. This is why most villas on the island have been designed by famous architects and their interiors – which always are equipped with state of the art entertainment and cooking equipment – have been designed by the most prominent interior designers. Most of those villas are now available for rent and they are among the most unique and luxurious properties that one can find in Europe.

One of the most popular destinations in Greece

Mykonos has always been known for its beautiful landscapes and vibrant night-life which is why it always attracted thousands of tourists. The tourism industry developed quickly here and as a result, five-star hotels and luxurious villas started appearing and taking over the island.

We answer the most frequent questions about villas in Mykonos

When it comes to fun and partying there is one destination in Greece that attracts visitors like no other: Mykonos. This is because some of the most amazing and exclusive clubs in Europe can be found there. It’s not uncommon to find DJ sets headed by world-class DJs in different clubs on the island. Even the beach bars of Mykonos double as clubs during the day and you can even run into many celebrities there. People have been sunbathing next to pop-stars and supermodels without even realizing it, that’s how many celebrities are on Mykonos at any given time!

In order to get the full Mykonos experience of living like a rock star, you need to stay in one of the island’s many luxurious villas. Some of the most ridiculously extravagant villas in Europe can be found there! Let’s try and answer any questions that you may have about Mykonos villas!

Where can I find them?

Where the answer to this question is rather obvious: on the internet! Things are a bit more complicated though! We highly suggest that instead of looking through properties individually you get in contact with a property management agency. Since those agencies manage a lot of villas, they will help you find the right one according to your needs and of course, your budget!

How much will it cost me?

Well, it goes without saying that renting a villa is quite costly, especially if you choose to do so alone. This is why it is highly recommended that you also get your friends to come along and the rent the villa with you. If you get a large enough group, staying in a villa could cost each of you about as much – in some cases even less – than the average cost of a hotel stay in Mykonos. Keep in mind that since Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destination in the world, hotels there tend to be on the expensive side.

Do I only rent the house?

Well no, when you are renting a villa you are renting the entire property, which includes and outside features such as gardens and swimming pools. You can even throw a party or two there if you so desire. Furthermore, some villas come with some extra perks thrown in for good measure such as butlers and even professional chefs present on the property! Just make sure that those perks aren’t charged extra before opting for them.