Don’t make these mistakes when booking a Mykonos villa

During our summer vacation, we all want to relax and to have as much fun as possible, which is exactly why Mykonos is such a popular tourist destination. Not only is the island known all over the world for its exclusive clubs and beach bars, but it also offers a lot of villas that one can book in order to relax between intense clubbing sessions. Those villas usually offer a lot of privacy and they even come with their own staff which includes maids, chefs and even butlers some times. In other words, private villas in Mykonos is the perfect choice if you are looking to have a very luxurious and unforgettable vacation, in comfort and privacy.

Booking a villa is not as hard as one thinks however, it’s not exactly a walk in the park either. What we mean by that, is that people tend to make some mistakes when they book a villa for their vacation and those mistakes can severely affect their vacation. This of course is normal since booking a villa is not something that one does often, unless he or she is a celebrity of course. With that in mind, let’s see the top mistakes to avoid when booking a villa.

Mistake 1: Not doing research

Most people seem to think that villas are rented by a secretive cabal, which means that there are not that many agencies that rent them out to people and that “if you find one, it’s like you found them all”. A simple Google search however will show you just how wrong this is. There are many property management and rental agencies out there and each has its own portfolio of properties. If you would like to find the villa that’s perfect for your stay and your needs, just take the time and do some research on as many agency websites as possible.

Mistake 2: Not asking whether the price is final

A lot of people seem to think that the price or rate for a property’s rental that appears on a site covers everything. This is not always the case. Some agencies might charge extra for some features and services that they might deem as “perks”. It’s good to have a complete picture of what you will be paying for before agreeing to a price or a property. You can always try to bargain if you like a property but you find the rate to be too excessive.

Mistake 3: Looking for villas on Hotel booking sites

Some hotel booking sites may have apartments, houses and villas listed with them, but they don’t have as many as property management agency sites nor do they offer the same service. Simply put, hotel room booking sites are for booking hotel rooms and nothing more. If an owner of a villa is serious about ranting his property, he will do it through a property management agency. Renting a villa is not about having a place to stay during your holiday, it’s all about luxury, which is why property management agencies also make sure that your pleasant will be as good as possible by providing other services apart from the property itself.

Mistake 4: Not researching the property management agency

Like we said ago, your experience in the villa will be greatly defined by the agency that rents it to you, since they will be responsible for the property’s staff and they will be the ones essentially hosting you while you are there. Instead of just checking out the property, you should also do some research on the agency itself and see how satisfied the previous guests with their services were.